Sense & Sensibility

" ... under the sturdy, literarily-astute direction of Ms. Evans, Town Hall is housing a superb production of Sense & Sensibility." - Road to 1,000



"Directed by Susan E. Evans, the CCCT production is sharp and funny and pleasingly complex." - Mercury News

"Director Susan E. Evans runs a tightly knit show ..." -

Mrs. Warren's Profession

" ... directed by DMT’s Artistic Director, Susan Evans. In her skilled hands, the seasoned cast operated like a well-tuned timepiece." - Tri-City Voice

"Director Susan Evans has assembled a skilled cast to stage this iconic classic.  ...Evans keeps the action moving and entertaining with sharp timing from her cast." - Vince VMedia

The Skin of Our Teeth

".Artistic director Susan E. Evans effectively plays up the humor of the script in her staging"

 Mercury News - 

Three Sisters

" ... director Susan E. Evans delivering a quietly powerful production aided by an excellent cast who capture the deep rivers of passion and frustration and splashes of humor with great skill and personality."

Tri-City Voice


 "Evans does an excellent job of directing, filling the play with tiny surprises and keeping the pace quick  

  and the wit sharp." - San Jose Mercury News

"Eurydice is handled with just the right amount of pathos and delicacy. Directed with a sure hand by artistic director Susan E. Evans, the show creates firm truths on a marvel of a set designed with gusto by Michael Locher." - Bay Area Plays

All My Sons

 “What director Susan Evans consistently gets right through the production is the tone her steady directing hand sets.” - Bay Area Plays

“Director Susan E. Evans provides an exceptional piece of theatre with a remarkable cast, a dynamic and cohesive unit who blend in perfect partnership from beginning to end. …  “All My Sons” is an outstanding production that lingers in the mind long after the closing scene has faded to black.” - Tri-City Voice

Dividing the Estate

 " ... Foote observed American families at their worst -- those times when the ship is about to sink and family members stand together on the deck and contemplate the best way to split and leave the others to drown. … director Susan E. Evans, who also serves as the theater's artistic director, and her delightful cast make the show sparkle. …” - San Jose Mercury News

Private Lives

"The show is also a triumph for Hayward's DouglasMorrisson Theatre, where director Susan E. Evans leads her remarkable cast across an elegant art deco set (by Kim A. Tolman) ..."  Pat Craig, Mercury News


"Under the direction of Susan E. Evans, Douglas Morrisson Theatre's season opener is a fervent delight ..." - 

Julie Grabowski, Tri-City Voice

We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!

" ... Eastenders' production, confidently helmed by artistic director Susan E. Evans, does it full justice."

San Francisco Bay Guardian

"... artistic director Susan E. Evans sees revisiting Fo's anarchic farce as an ideal opportunity for local up-and-coming playwrights to exercise their own voices in conversation with the master political satirist. Hence, Fo/Faux! matches We Won'tPay with world premieres of several short works inspired by

Fo's socially conscious mayhem." 

 - American Theatre March 2010


"The play ... craftily sucks you in, holds onto you and doesn't let go until the ride is over. And it leaves you thinking about what you've experienced for days after leaving the theater." - Bay Area News Group

"As for Evans, she's simply and skillfully done what a director should do: create an ideal physical and emotional environment that lets the main elements of the play -- the actors -- carry the narrative in its essential form. " - KQEDArts

Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

" ... besides being a revelation, it contains scenes of undeniable dramatic impact, staged and performed to striking effect. " - San Francisco Chronicle

"It's absorbing, sometimes very funny, and deeply affecting. ... This Eastenders production, solidly presided over by artistic director Suan Evans and founder Charles Polly, emphasizes the documentary aspects of these brief cameos of the contradictory life led by the German people, supporters and dissenters alike, under Hitler's regime. ... the audience leaves with much to mull over, difficult but fascinating truths that the valiant Eastenders have portrayed."

Berkeley Daily Planet


" ... director Susan E. Evans has created a comic and poignant tour-de-force of drifting post-adolescents ... Highly recommended ..." - San Francisco Bay Times

Twyla's Story

"Director Susan Evans has staged the multi-scene play smoothly and robustly."- Bay Area Reporter

106 Years of Comedy

Reverse Transcription: "Director Evans gets some terrific performances from her actors ..." - Oakland Tribune

One Hundred Years of Euro-One-Acts

Blue Kettle: " ... It's a top-notch piece of theater: sharp detailed performances, fine direction, and a smart innovative new play." - East Bay Express