Elinor and Edward
Dinner at the Middleton's
Anne and Fanny
Lucy and Edward
Sir John, Mrs., D, Mrs. Jennings
Elinor and Marianne
Elinor and Marianne
Lucy, Anne and Elinor
Colonel Brandon
Gossips, Marianne
Willoughby, Marianne
Journey to London
Elinor and Marianne
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Sense & Sensibility

by Kate Hamill

Town Hall Theatre

May 31 -June 23, 2018


Elinor Dashwood: Heather Buck, Alisha Ehrlich

Marianne Dashwood : Alisha Ehrlich, Heather Buck

Margaret Dashwood, Anne Steele, Gossip:. Heather Kellogg

Mrs. Dashwood, Lucy Steele, Gossip: Ginny Wehrweister

John Dashwood, Sir John Middleton, Gossip: Dennis Markam

Edward Ferrars, Robert Ferrars, Gossip: Alan Coyne

Fanny Dashwood, Lady Middleton, Gossip:  Megan Briggs

Colonel Brandon, Gossip: Nathan Emley

John Willoughby, Gossip: Michael Craigen

Mrs. Jennings, Gossip: Sarah Ruby

Scenic Design: Brian Watson

Lighting Design: Heather Basarab

Sound Design: Michael Kelly

Costume Design: Hope Birdwell

Props Design: Debbie Shelley

Stage Manager: Kate Saville

photos by Jay Yamada